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   Business / Management / Office Services
   Business / Marketing / Admin.
   Business and Administration
   Marketing and Sales
   Office Assistants and Clerks
   Recognition of Acquired Competencies
Athabasca University - Online Learning
1 University Drive, Athabasca, T9S 3A3
About Athabasca University - Online Learning

Established in 1970, Athabasca University has grown to be one of the world's fastest growing online and distance education institutions.

Now serving over 37,000 students worldwide, Athabasca University, Canada's Open University, remains dedicated to removing the barriers that restrict access to and success in university-level study. We remain committed to excellence in teaching, research and scholarship.

Athabasca continues to provide new ways of delivering post-secondary education to students, and was the world's first institution to offer an online Executive MBA program.

With over 700 courses in over 90 undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts, science and professional disciplines, AU now has four campus across Alberta in Athabasca, St. Albert, Edmonton, and Calgary.      

Athabasca University - Online Learning:
1 University Drive, Athabasca, T9S 3A3

Programs Offered at Athabasca University - Online Learning:

Arts - Visual / Performing


Liberal Arts and Sciences

Marketing and Sales

Social Sciences and History

Athabasca University - Online Learning Advantages: