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   Business / Management / Office Services
   Business / Marketing / Admin.
   Business and Administration
   Marketing and Sales
   Office Assistants and Clerks
   Recognition of Acquired Competencies
Humber College - Toronto
205 Humber College Blvd, Toronto, M9W 5L7
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About Humber College - Toronto

Humber, a member of Polytechnics Canada, is committed to student success through excellence in teaching and learning. Humber's broad range of career-focused, educational programs include: apprenticeship, certificates, diplomas, bachelor's degrees and postgraduate certificates. With over 350 programs to choose from, the 19,000 full-time and 55,000 part-time students of Humber have access to many opportunities for continuous learning.

Humber develops broadly-educated, highly-skilled and adaptable citizens who significantly contribute to the educational, economic and social development of their communities. We accomplish this by preparing learners for careers through a comprehensive choice of educational credentials in a broad range of programming, developing informed and engaged citizens through an applied and liberal education, enabling organizations to enhance their effectiveness through customized training and lifelong learning opportunities, and supporting our local communities through outreach activities.

At Humber, we value Excellence, by maintaining high academic standards and emphasizing quality academic programming and services; Innovation, by anticipating changes in a global society and the workplace, and responding with creative and flexible learning approaches; and Respect, by acknowledging the dignity and contribution of each individual in our diverse community through fair, ethical and courteous actions and communications. We are also Learner-focused as we place our students at the centre of all decisions.

Humber College - Toronto:
205 Humber College Blvd, Toronto, M9W 5L7

Programs Offered at Humber College - Toronto:

Business / Management / Office Services


Law and Justice Studies


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