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   Business / Management / Office Services
   Business / Marketing / Admin.
   Business and Administration
   Marketing and Sales
   Office Assistants and Clerks
   Recognition of Acquired Competencies
Westervelt College - London
1299 Oxford Street East, London, N5Y 4W5
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About Westervelt College - London

The Medix School is a registered private career college specializing in training Health Care professionals. Founded in 1969, we have specifically been providing professional Health Care training since 1993.

The Medix School is a private allied-health training school devoted to training students in the Medical and Dental professions. We realize the importance of your personal career goals, and will continue to commit ourselves to assisting you achieve them. Our hands-on curriculum is designed to quickly get your started on your chosen career path.

Westervelt College - London:
1299 Oxford Street East, London, N5Y 4W5

Programs Offered at Westervelt College - London:

Beauty / Massage

Business / Management / Office Services


Health Sciences


Law and Legal Administration

Westervelt College - London Advantages:

Small Campus, Big Opportunities

Whether you are just starting your career or looking for a change, the programs at Westervelt College will prepare you for a brighter future.  All our programs are industry-tested and provide the required skills and training you need to start your new careers with confidence.

1. Condensed Curriculum & Hands-On Training
Many of our programs can be completed in just one year or less  so that you can begin your new career sooner! Our programs are focused on providing you with the essential tools and skills you need to be successful beyond the classroom. Gain hands-on training, on the job experience and transition smoothly into your new career!
2. Flexible Program Start Dates
Unlike many other universities and colleges, Westervelt has many programs starting throughout the year.  This means that when you are ready to pursue a new career, you don’t have to wait to begin your training!
3. The Support & Assistance You Need
Choosing the right career path, learning the required skills and finding employment after graduation are all important steps in your journey.  At Westervelt College, you will receive the support and assistance you need throughout your college experience and after, as an alumni of Westervelt.
4. Employer Network
Over the years, we’ve established a network of employers in London and surrounding areas that trusts in the education delivered at Westervelt College. When you become a Westervelt student, you will gain access to many reputable employers across different industries through the Westervelt Employer Network.
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