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Canadian Tourism College - Vancouver
501 - 1755 W. Broadway, Vancouver, V6J 4S5
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About Canadian Tourism College - Vancouver

Canadian Tourism (CTC) quality training, and remains guided by one basic principle: we put the needs of our students first.

CTC is committed to providing extensive, current, and industry-validated curriculum, dedicated and professional staff, computer training, pro-active counseling services, financial aid, and lifetime job placement assistance, within a comfortable, friendly learning environment.

At CTC, we continually update our programs and develop new programs to meet the changing needs of the tourism industry. There is no question; Tourism is the career of the future! Imagine yourself as part of this exciting and growing industry.

Canadian Tourism College - Vancouver:
501 - 1755 W. Broadway, Vancouver, V6J 4S5

Programs Offered at Canadian Tourism College - Vancouver:

Language and Literature

Marketing and Sales


Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

Canadian Tourism College - Vancouver Advantages:

Two locations - Surrey & Vancouver, BC
Continually updating programs to keep pace with industry standards
Co-operative Education programs to give students real-world experience

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